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What is a Ketamine Infusion?

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Ketamine Infusions

What is Ketamine?

Most people that have contacted us have already done their own research as to what Ketamine is and how it is being used to treat their condition, but for those who haven't we would like present some basic information about the drug itself and how its use is providing relief to those who suffer from different conditions.

The drug was first synthesized in 1962 and first trialed on humans in 1964. Its use as an anesthetic proved useful and its effects were novel to the field of anesthesia at the time, so much so that a new descriptive was coined: 'dissociative anesthetic' referring to the drugs ability to disconnect what was going on in the mind with what was going on in the body. It was subsequently used as a field anesthetic in Vietnam for soldiers needing surgical procedures because of its efficacy and unlike other anesthetics it did not cause suppression of breathing or a drop in blood pressure.

Fast forward to today: Ketamine is still used today routinely in the induction of anesthesia prior to surgery as well as in Emergency Rooms to perform otherwise painful procedures (as well as treating pain itself at 'sub-dissociative' doses). First observed over 25 years ago, but not understood, the drug's anti-depressant properties in post operative patients are now beginning to be utilized.

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Chronic Pain

Treatment of neuropathic pain disorders

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Reduction of intrusive thoughts caused by PTSD

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Refractory Depression

Treatment for depression that does not respond to other methods

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Suicidal Ideations

Ketamine is the only medication that works within hours to remove thoughts of self-harm

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